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Livegram – Aarhus live instagram feed

Livegram – Aarhus live instagram feed

Lately there have been some rumours about a live instagram feed to show, in real-time, the latest photos taken in and around Aarhus. And there it is: FVCmedia has launched recently a demo version of it’s software, Livegram, targeting Aarhus area.

Speaking with developers at FVCmedia, we found that this version of Livegram has incorporated a live instagram feed which targets the Aarhus area upon geolocation of the images the users uploads. In plus, for a better coverage and to help those in holiday which still want to have their images notticed by Livegram, they implemented a support for the hashtag “#aarhus”.

FVCmedia announced that they are constantly updating this version of Livegram, and each day there might be new features added to the demo. One of their latest addition, is the tags ranking, showing in realtime the hashtags which are trending for Aarhus, and the local weather widget. Furthermore, when asked, they haven’t denied that there might be a version of Livegram for Copenhagen area to be released soon, so we are looking forward to that.


July 28th, 2014

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